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Millstone Flour

We’d love to share some of our favourite Millstone recipes with you.

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Yoli’s Artisan Breads and Pastries

If you’ve ever taken a meander up the North Coast of KZN in search of a quiet spot to enjoy some wholesome nourishment, then we hope you’ve discovered Yoli’s Artisan Breads and Pastries. An artisanal bakery located at the quaint Litchi Orchard’s “Artisan Avenue” just outside Salt Rock, Yoli’s offers an array of finely crafted baked goods that are lovingly prepared by hand and are sure to make your taste buds do little somersaults of excitement. Just follow your nose and you’ll find it. We sat down for a quick chat with proprietor and head pastry chef, Nicky Philip.

Visit their Facebook page to find out more – www.facebook.com/yolisbreads
Or follow Yoli’s on Instagram – www.instagram.com/yolis_bakery/
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The Glenwood Bakery

Opening its doors in January 2013, the Glenwood Bakery has been providing artisanal baked goods to the local community for almost three years. Experiencing consistently growing demand from both local residents and trade customers, their output has been steadily increasing. Often you’ll see people queuing up to make sure they don’t miss the speciality loaf of the day.

A man of great dedication, Adam rises early to be at his bakery by 2:45am five days a week! “I love it and I love the silence of the early morning, alone in the bakery.”

Visit their Facebook page to find out more – www.facebook.com/The-Glenwood-Bakery
Website – www.glenwoodbakery.co.za
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1000 Hills Chef School

Millstone is proud to share these delicious, hearty recipes with you. They’ve been created, tried and tested by Chef Dixi of 1000 International Chef School, so you know they’re perfectly tasty, easy to follow and flop proof. Enjoy! View recipes.

Executive Chef Sharmaine Dixon (Chef Dixi) is the Principal of 1000 Hills Chef School. She has been training chefs for almost thirty years and is passionate about educating young people and encouraging them to be the best they can be. Recognised as one of the top educators in the industry and a world-class chef in her own right, Chef Dixi started the award-winning 1000 Hills Chefs School in 2004. Chef Dixi has run her own successful seafood restaurant and outside catering company, and has a Master’s degree in Food and Beverage Management (cum laude) and a degree in Education from the University of Natal. Her past students have achieved successful careers around the world.

1000 Hills Chefs School is set in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills near Durban. It offers accredited qualifications and exclusive, hands-on training that provides the perfect foundation for a career in cooking. With a focus on encouraging excellence and supporting sustainability, small classes use top quality local ingredients, such as Millstone Stone Ground and specialty flours, in all lessons.

Visit the 1000 Hills Chefs School website to find out more!